January 4th, 2009

I am a professional software developer with over 13 years working in the software industry, ranging from the Defense Industry, to the Airline Industry, to the Games Industry.  In addition to my professional software experience, I have also been successful at running my own website development business, creating and maintaining various websites for myself and clients.

While I have never worked professionally for a firm who targets web development, I feel I am very qualified when it comes to developing with PHP and MySQL.  I have extensive experience working with these technologies and have tackled many large scale problems including database optimizations and high traffic website optimization.

I am very innovative and quick to react to areas I see that are under served in internet markets.  I have done fairly well with my internet businesses and I fully believe I could bring this level of success to an employer.

I am ready to bring my experience to businesses and individuals needing web development and management expertise.  You have my word that I will make your business my business and will go the extra mile towards reaching your, and my, goals.

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